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    • 羅蘭灰(新品)

    • 維納斯白

    • 愛馬仕灰(新品)


  • 地址:上海市嘉定區黃渡工業園

    區星塔路 388 號

    電話: 021-69590021

    傳真: 021-69590501

    聯系人: 湯 先生


  • 公司簡介


      旺程石材是從事天然大理石進口 , 生產加工 , 安裝設計 一條龍服務的專業石材企業,下屬上海、北京、太倉、天津工廠和廈門、云浮兩間貿易公司,在杭州、寧波、南京、山東、沈陽、鄭州、內蒙古自治區、北京石材大世界設立銷售公司及服務中心,就近服務各地工程。工廠及銷售部總占地200畝以上,擁有鉆石拉鋸 14 臺,自動磨機 7 套,其它異型加工、2 次加工設備200多臺套 , 生產及管理人員近 1000 人, 年生產各種板材達 150 萬平方以上,連續多年被評為“石材 20 強 ”和“誠信企業”。


      公司本著誠信、優質的經營方針服務于全國各地,真誠歡迎廣大新老顧客光臨惠顧 !

    Shanghai Wangcheng Stone Decoration Co. Ltd. specializes in comprehensive stone business and offers one-stop stone service, includingproject design, stone manufacturing, processing and installation, etc. Sub-factories are set up in Beijing , Tianjin and Jiangsu province. Meanwhile, branches extend to Xiamen , Yunfu, Hangzhou , Jinan , Shenyang , Caoqiao and Hohhot . The whole network serves and supports different projects effectively and efficiently all over the country.

    Wangcheng Stone totally covers 140,000 square meters and nearly 1,000 employees are working for the company. Wangcheng Stoneintroduces modern and sophisticated machinery and processes huge capacity for stone manufacturing and processing. 21 Gang-saws and aseries of stone equipment supply the production of 2,000,000 M 2 slabs and tens of thousands of other stone products for projects.

    Based on the principle of “Collect precious stones abroad, Shine unique Chinese materials”, Wangcheng Stone has established and kept goodcooperation with a great number of large-scaled stone enterprises in China and over twenty countries in Europe, Middle East and other Asianregion and invests in several quarries, which guarantee the high quality of source supply.

    With the effort of Wangcheng people, the company consistently enjoys the honor of “Top-20 China Stone Company” and “Quality EngineeringCorporation” and other awards in stone industry. Wangcheng Stone steadily develops the business all over the world and cordially welcomescustomers with top quality of products and service.


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